1. Don't understand why Segal gets so much stick when it looks like to me that Aikido is going to be the martial art that is gong to save your ass on the street these days with knife crime and all that. He's got quite the finesse here, quite the art form.

  2. I still enjoy his older action movies. Still laugh at the name “Screwface”. Kind of hard to take someone seriously with a name like that. He sounds like a Dick Tracy villain.

  3. He trained with frank dux and sensei tanoka in 1933..I do come for the comments 👍.. .made some good movie's should of left it that way…..and he never met Bruce lee either fact…. hollywood does get to them…….frank dux at least bought his 🏆 s in store's..💕 it…..

  4. Don't care what anybody says about segal he is trained to the gills in aikido not everybody is a NC state champion wrestler or a MMA fighter.but I'm telling you from seing traditional martial arts such as tai chi aikido wing chun it works,it's not the art it's the practitioner.my father learnt tai chi and taught tai chi for 35 years.i grew up being his practice dummy and I'm telling you now I've never been hit and launched air born against my will in all my life.had a couple fights growing up an always been able to come out without the bust lips and noses through being able to break grips and move my waist in opposite direction of opponents force.my dad taught me how to root my bodyweight to the floor to become twice as heavy to be able to close the distance were they can't punch you.when they try to man handle you through sheer panic you keep your self calm and go with them to lure them into a false sense of security and when you feel there center is off balance you explode with all your body weight to uproot them twist them.it works 100 percent of the time.people don't normally comply with an attack and put them self in danger of being koed through human instinct to fight back without thinking.if your being tead off on and you try and lean back moving your head back normally they catch you on the chin,you should with be totally out of range or close the distance so your not on the end of a shot.in tai chi there's a move called a pung.you stand with one foot in front of other slightly so you don't trip over your feet like you would if standing feet squares apart,and your basically put your lead arm out slightly angled to outside of palm is facing towards there inner arm and the other hand is in same possition but angled at 90 degrees.the aim is to be in the opponent's personal space which will trigger a basic boxing hook.as fast as they swing you rotate your hips whislt your hands come up from waist into the position it's basically a natural reaction to a punch coming at you,your aim is to drive your leading hand into the there bicep and the other hand targets there inner wrist.but to be applied with maximum speed and power exploding from your core waist the faster and harder they throw the worse it is.the shock of your bicep and wrist being meet with equal force literally causes latic acid build up and instantly makes your arm dead to the point you feel or lift it.and instantly shots doubt and hesitation in the attacker.its such a simple body motion but just applied with all your body weight behind it it must hit the arm in one motion both hands land at exactly the same time.and instinctively they throw the other hook and you basically just rotate hip to other arm as your arms are already in that position.ive caught a couple of people like that and have walked away and left them doubting themselves.you don't have to batter someone in a fight like MMA fights.its always better to embarrass someone buy showing them that you could easily fuck them up but chose not to you will literally change that person for the better.ive learnt abit of tai chi from my dad but the things he has shown me have worked everytime.even shoving your palms into someone's solar plex as there rushing you,just shimmy forward drawing up power from your legs into your elbows into your palms thrown with force and speed knocks them on ass everytime and literally knocks them off the floor totally winding the fuck out of them and installing fear and doubt leading to the fight ending.traditional arts work it's just the practitioner.if segal grabs hold of your limbs it's a wrap.you either go with it or its snapping the fuck up.they go down easily in demonstration as there rolling with it as that's what you have to do.and when there all running at him he's moving back slowly to keep his senses and keeping the attackers behind eachother it's practice not a real attack but the applications are real.mma and violence got people numb to genuine arts.id rather have an easy time in the office than a hard one.meaning if you put someone in a situation where they have to fight for there life's.bjj and judo and kicks won't matter as they will be instinctively fighting like an animal for survival meaning your eyes nuts throats will be targeted.bjj or not if someone is trying to snap your arm or choke you out you are grabbing there nuts with intent to rip off or bit throat or stick fingers in eye sockets.anyone can fight in a ring as there's rules.dont let MMA and UFC fool you.

  5. I think Steven Gull should master not running like such a poonanny instead of mastering a useless art that aims to make sure you don't hurt an attacker too much lol. Steven I'm sure you check comments on a daily to see how stoked people are about you, so if your reading this, your the lamest wanna be (of everything) on this planet. The U.S. called, they don't want you back.

  6. this would not be so easy if another person attacked him, he would not know here to grab or blocked, he would $hit himself, oh wait he already did that…..Mr Bullshido

  7. Some people say… that it was Steven Seagal who taught……. Randy orton how to do the RKO. Believe me, I thought it was nonsense too but one night….. I had a dream…. Bruce lee came to me and said the RKO is the greatest move in history…. and it was Steven Seagal who taught randy orton how to execute it. As Bruce was saying these words… I saw a tear roll down his cheek… From that point…. I knew that he was telling me the truth. RIP Bruce lee… You're the greatest! I only wish Bruce lee was alive today to watch randy orton doing the RKO.

  8. I grew up in mpls, I'm native American… I was a stranger in my own land. I had learned karate on my own. And that's how I earned respect, I was a lonor, but I had respect…. I'm very good looking, and the teacher's told me this…

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