1. It's sad that so many dip shits on here actually legitimately believe Aikido works. Hope that none of them ever have to get in a legitimate fight. They will learn real quick.

  2. It’s a bad idea to only learn aikido if you want to defend yourself, but it’s not a bad idea to learn it in addition to other material arts. I mean if the police and military train with it there has to be something to it. It’s great if someone has a weapon and you don’t.

  3. People's Magazine did an investigation where they determined that Seagal didn't open a dojo in Japan. It was his father-in-law. They claim to have caught him in many other lies.

  4. Akido might seem like a joke to the inexperience eyes but you can have the strongest muscles you want if you spine or ur neck gets broken u won't be able to move ever again. It's probably what Steven in some old videos dissing vandam means but he don't say it because no one would understand.

  5. Many might want Seagal on the podcast but he's a compulsive liar to the point of comedy so he will claim to have met Jesus and taught him front kicks

  6. Shihan Steven Seagal is an 8th Dan in Aikido, 7th Dan in Kyokushin Kara Te, also trained in traditional Jujutsu Ryu, Jo-do, Kenjutsu, Daito Ryu, Inosanto Kali, Wing Chun and he's a legit competitive shooter in rifle & pistol comps. He's trained many years with police SWAT teams in CQB and tactical shooting. And he founded Tenshin Gakuen Bugei. He's a legit bujutsu master. And expert in Japanese healing arts. He's also fluent in Japanese language: speaking, reading and writing. He's a professional blues guitarist. Unfortunately he's disrespected other very accomplished men, allegedly sexually harassed women, allegedly abused one of his wives and allegedly abused his stunt men. And he supports a former KGB russian president so his loyalty to his own country is in question. He's a complicated man. One hand he's highly admirable and the other hand he's allegedly shameful. If we're honest, most men could be picked apart and found to be just as complicated. Are we any better than those we tear apart & judge?

  7. Agreed, does not translate to MMA. However, in the realworld. Knife, Gun, Running drunk IT WILL WORK. Chances of you getting robbed by an MMA fighter are slim to non. Let alone someone who is a jiujitsu master or karate etc.

  8. No less than 100% of aikido “demonstrations” BEGiN with the “master” instructing them on WHEN & WHERE on the 1st strike attempt….
    Aikido lovers: name 1 single person in existence- who would TELL YOU (or agree on) WHERE they will ALLOW themself to be hit.

  9. My blood uncle, is the 5th highest rank aikido Master in the world. He told us Seagal came to Japan. And trained from his master .
    So he is trained by the 4 th highest rank Master, very famous in japan

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