Steven Seagal's Top 5 Aikido Techniques

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  1. People can believe clickbait videos claim9ng Steven Seagal is a phoney, or Google and find the facts. aSteven Seagal learned martial arts since a young age, traveled to Japan at age 17, and studied Aikido with well respected aikido masters. Steven speaks fluently Japanese. His skills and dedication are simply outstanding.

  2. I see on YouTube people say that aikido is not really a martial art or it's bogus
    Yes they have joint locks takedowns however is it real

    I took karate shotokan karate after I watched the original The karate kid I achieved my black belt
    After my black belt I moved on and learned aikido
    I was a little cocky showing my skills what I have learned in karate but I was learning a new style even the instructor told me concentrate on Akita

    Yes I already knew how to defend myself blocks kicks punches sweeps
    But I am here to learn something new

    My question is for a person to get it into Akita do they need to take a hard style first like karate

    I got to admit going into aikido if I didn't take karate I would have been lost I'm just saying

    What's your opinion

  3. I love how the attackers are always so compliant after throwing the first half hearted punch or kick. Like here's my arm, or here's my leg. I'll wait for you to do your technique on me and I'll go along with it. Dah…it don't work like that in real life folks!

  4. These are all great techniques… as long as your opponent has no fighting ability whatsoever, is possibly brain damanged, and does exactly what you want him to do.

  5. This is bs. These techniques work against someone not doing anything, that's about the only time it works. Fighting is way more chaotic. I would choose someone better than Segal.

  6. Seagal may be a womanizing selfish egomaniac but the guy is an accomplishes sensei high level in Aikido, a very successful movie star, a Russian diplomat, and a law enforcement officer. Anybody seen Richie???

  7. Why are you using an opponent who is so much shorter than you ? Not convincing. But if you use one who's stronger and taller than you, then your technique is very convincing.
    Nothing to do with Seagal's performance which I like; I like his.

  8. Aikido does not work in an unpickable or unorthodox fighter, almost everytime a fight goes to the ground and it turns into a wrestling match, this is when you must know how to wrestle for your life, I've been in many fights both won and lost and it never went to using so called karate, it was a street fight

  9. The only problem is aikido only works on a person that is attacking you. And the person that is attacking you can I be a martial artist or any other kind of experienced fighter or keto will not work

  10. The truth is that such techniques don't work against a fast powerful mma fighter. Probably against an average person. Aikido is a nice sport but should not be used against real full contact fighters on the street. Whatever people say about Steven Segal, he's actually really good at what he does and he would be able to put out even in reality a drunk or an attacker with no fighting skills. Do you want to be effective on the street practice self defence hand to hand cambat and most important and necesary is mma sparring or full contact sparring

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