Suisen-kan Aikido

This video was made as our friend’s final project. At first, it was meant as a tutorial video, but later, the project changed into partial action drama-tutorial documentation.
All scenes are planned, techniques are coreographed, and street application scenes are deliberately executed using exaggerated movements to depict somewhat practical techniques, without considering real life scenarios in order to meet the cinematic needs.
This is not a tutorial video whatsoever. The objective of this video is to fulfill the director’s requirements of his college final assignment.

Suisen-dojo (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Imam Raharja, Ryo, Latifa Zahra, Jhia Nuria, Nur Cahya Budiarta
Dojo Univ. Atma Jaya Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Khrisnandio Seco
Institut Seni Indonesia (Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia): Bandung Setyobudi, Muhammad Dzulqornain

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  1. Please stop this lies
    Making people Belive this can be use in a street situation
    All this tecniqes are useless
    No body atacks in that way
    U only have to move a littlebit to avoid that tecniques

  2. L'aïkido, étant un art martial a part entière, qui vu d'un peu plus loin ,peut s'apparenter à une danse sans la musique,
    un autre art-martial dans un genre différent c'est la capoeira ,peut s'apparenter à une danse alors que c'est une discipline
    martiale ici avec la musique.

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