In this short clip Dunken Francis sensei takes us through some of the shapes that create the Aikido “Sword-hand” or tegatana, and its use in setting up techniques and breaking the opponents balance. to If you enjoyed this video, please hit the LIKE button as it helps YouTube recommend us in searches, thank you and… Continue reading TEGATANA | The AIKIDO 'SWORD HAND'

Aikido Black Belt vs BJJ Black Belt

After 15 years of Aikido practice and 4 years of BJJ I decided to try my Aikido against a BJJ black belt. Here’s what happened. — Welcome to the Martial Arts Journey. My name is Rokas. I trained Aikido for 15 years, 7 of them running a professional Aikido Dojo until eventually I realized that… Continue reading Aikido Black Belt vs BJJ Black Belt