How to: Ukemi with weapons – Aikido Virtual Dojo

We are adding another video about practice of ukemi – this time with the basic weapons used in Aikido: tanto, jo and bokken. Enjoy the practice. 🙂 Durward Burrell – 5th Dan Aikikai Marcin Hernik – 3rd Dan Aikikai source

Complete All-in-One Aikido Tutorial – 2017

Welcome to a complete all in one Aikido tutorial where we cover all subjects from Aikido traditions, basics, techniques to weapons. For your convenience this video is with menus, which work only on a PC so we suggest watching it with it. Time placement: 4:00 Start of Tutorial 4:30 Tying a Belt 6:18 Etiquette 20:18… Continue reading Complete All-in-One Aikido Tutorial – 2017

How to do Ikkyo Technique (Aikido)

This video contains a tutorial on how to apply Ikkyo (first principle) technique. This is another Aikido Tutorial from a series we are making where you’ll have everything you need to know about Aikido in one place! This project is going to be a big one, including explanation of Seiza, Traditions, Techniques, Attacks, Weapons and… Continue reading How to do Ikkyo Technique (Aikido)