Beautiful Martial Arts – Aikido

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Aikido vs Karate | Full Sparring and Exchange

This is the full sparring and exchange footage of Jesse Enkamp vs Rokas Leo, AKA Karate Nerd vs Martial Arts Journey. Watch the video with commentary here: Watch the previous vlog where Rokas taught functional aikido here: #aikido #karate #martialarts source

Aikido Kumi Jo 1 to 5 Morihiro Saito Sensei

Aikido Iwama Aikido Buki Waza Aiki Jo Kumi Jo 1 to 5 Demonstrated by: Saito Morihiro Sensei Please like us on Facebook: Subscribe to our Channel Good Aikido here Visit us at Train with us at North Sydney Aikido source

Japanese Karate Sensei Reacts To Aikido!

🥋Join my ONLINE GROUP LESSON and receive personal feedback!!🥋 Program Details: Any questions or concerns? → Email me at I have reacted to the Japanese martial art of Aikido in this video! Their body movement is flawless and very efficient. I think learning it would benefit all karatekas. When I go visit an… Continue reading Japanese Karate Sensei Reacts To Aikido!

What's Useful in Aikido • Martial Arts Journey

Everything has two sides. While I was very critical of Aikido lately, I wanted to make sure I also recognize and share the good things I learned while training Aikido. This is why in this Martial Arts Journey video I’ll be taking a look at the good things I’ve learned in Aikido. What benefits did… Continue reading What's Useful in Aikido • Martial Arts Journey

Aikido WORKS in the Streets

Aikido demonstration puts Steven Seagal to shame. HAYABUSA DEAL: Lots of people like to clown on Aikido, but not many people have experienced the power of Mexican Aikido. VERY limited people have any knowledge of this subject because I have yet to make it public to the YouTube community.. but here’s a little preview.… Continue reading Aikido WORKS in the Streets