Beautiful Martial Arts – Aikido

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Ep. 164: Kenji Tomiki and Shodokan Aikido – with Al Blanco

Our discussion goes into depth of Kenji Tomiki and the organization he founded: Shodokan. Tomiki was a prominent figure in the aikido world, and he brought some very innovative ideas to teaching aikido. Shodokan Subreddit: “Supplementary” youtube channel : Al’s school: source

Aikido Master vs Big MMA Fighter !!!!

Old general Zod after 20 years of life on earth, versus Aikido Master 46 years old from deep Russia. #arrows street fight The best and exclusive video episodes of “Arrows Street Fight” Championships at your finger tips! Incredible never before seen bouts and adrenalin-pumping action! Real stuff, real street fighters in sand. Plus latest news… Continue reading Aikido Master vs Big MMA Fighter !!!!