Tamashii Kokoro Fitness (AIKIDO Series. Vol.1)

SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm8iZpJwWB0vA1ABcEa5DDQ?view_as=subscriber TKFit – Vol.1 Here’s how Modern Martial Artist stay Fit & Fun! TKFit was created with the purpose to build & strengthen Aikido core foundation while incorporating fitness fun elements. TKFit is a series of online fitness videos tailored for Aikidokas by Aikidokas – led by Aloyseus & Alexander Lee… Continue reading Tamashii Kokoro Fitness (AIKIDO Series. Vol.1)

UniSA Shodokan Aikido Club

Highlights from the UniSA Shodokan Aikido Club. The Club is open to all students, staff, alumni and the general public. For more from University of South Australia visit: UniSA Homepage: https://www.unisa.edu.au/ UniSA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniSA/ https://www.facebook.com/UniSANewsroom/ UniSA Twitter: Tweets by UniversitySA UniSA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/universitysa/ UniSA Weibo: http://weibo.com/studyatunisa source

MARTIAL FUSION: Aikido & Kickboxing (Black Belt Magazine Interview)

Welcome to Martial Fusion® YouTube 🙏 YOUR ENERGY IS THE HIGHEST CURRENCY® http://martialfusion.com Find All Martial Fusion® Kickboxing Power Workouts at: http://digital.martialfusion.com/shop Checkout Martial Fusion® Training Videos at Amazon: http://amazon.com/v/martialfusion http://amazon.com/martialfusion http://amazon.com/shop/martialfusion Feel free to subscribe to our channel to be notified about new uploads. Martial Fusion® is a register trademark. All rights reserved. #aikido… Continue reading MARTIAL FUSION: Aikido & Kickboxing (Black Belt Magazine Interview)

Aikido Drills #1 Upper Defense against Straight Punch

Aikido Drills Full Video available at http://digital.martialfusion.com/shop Aikido Drills is a video series by Aikido Zenbukai, of basic and fundamental exercises and training drills for beginners in aikido practice. http://aikidodrills.com The essence of Aikido techniques is the harmonization of energy through spherical motion around a stable energized center, where practitioners learn how to blend with… Continue reading Aikido Drills #1 Upper Defense against Straight Punch