Expert AIKIDO Throws

Expert AIKIDO Throws Throwtastic, throwarama, throwdown with the ultimate expert Tetsuro Nariyama 9th Dan Aikidoka, and Shihan of the Shodokan Hombu Dojo in Osaka, Japan. He is technical director of the Shodokan AIkido Federation. He studied and was appointed by Kenjo Tomiki, one of Morihei Ueshiba’s early students and lived as Uchideshi to Hirokazu Kobayashi… Continue reading Expert AIKIDO Throws

What's Useful in Aikido • Martial Arts Journey

Everything has two sides. While I was very critical of Aikido lately, I wanted to make sure I also recognize and share the good things I learned while training Aikido. This is why in this Martial Arts Journey video I’ll be taking a look at the good things I’ve learned in Aikido. What benefits did… Continue reading What's Useful in Aikido • Martial Arts Journey