Aikido training at home: Body workout and balance

Training in tight space: physical and balance training to prepare yourself to the Aikido practice in a seamless flow of movements Entraînement en espace restreint: Equilibre et préparation physique à l’Aikido à enchaîner sans interruption source

Deflecting an Attack Effortlessly | Aikido Self Defense | Self Defense Moves | FightFast

Deflecting an incoming attack with your hands is not an easy technique to master, but can be an effective way to neutralize at attacker. In this self defense tip Michael Tan demonstrates how to use your hands in an open hand position with the thumbs tucked, to deflect and intercept an incoming attack. This will… Continue reading Deflecting an Attack Effortlessly | Aikido Self Defense | Self Defense Moves | FightFast

Aikido Techniques for Street Fighting (Self Defense)

In this video MAUA Founder AJ Weimer demonstrates on JD Olsen some shoulder locks that are in both the Aikido and TFC programs. These three shoulder locks are performed on both same side as well as cross body. Besides just doing these on either same side or cross the body these shoulder locks are being… Continue reading Aikido Techniques for Street Fighting (Self Defense)

Unbelievable REAL AIKIDO MASTER !🥋🇷🇸

12th international Real Aikido Seminar İgor Petrovic (6.DAN black belt) 25-26.11.2017 Contact number: +994503133333 Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Tumblr: Official web page: Subscribe us on Youtube: Like Fariz’s profile on Facebook: Like Fariz’s page on Facebook:… Continue reading Unbelievable REAL AIKIDO MASTER !🥋🇷🇸

Excellent Aikido Demonstration Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu – 植芝守央道主 – 合気道 – [HD]

Video: Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu and Aikido Linz at the 48th All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2010/05/22 – 第48回全日本合気道演武大会の案内 – Nippon Budokan, (High Definition HD, 16:9, engl. subtitles) source