Aikido fighting scenes

The action scenes of this video are extracted from the internships that I lead in my Dojo and internationally, the techniques presented here are part of the exclusive and representative program of our school which is associated with teaching methods and practice adapted to the needs of each and everyone source

Get Better At Aikido – Vlog #50 | Mae Ukemi – The Front Roll | 前受身

Get Better At Aikido – Vlog | Mae Ukemi 前受身 | The Front Roll Support my channel, Visit my website and purchase an AikiPower T-Shirt! Mae Ukemi, 前受身, the front roll is one of the most important, basic techniques in Aikido. If you can do the front roll, you can get better at Aikido!… Continue reading Get Better At Aikido – Vlog #50 | Mae Ukemi – The Front Roll | 前受身

How does Aikido work?

How does Aikido work? This video quickly outlines the structure of the system of Aikido- or in short how Aikido works. For beginners this should give you a structure to follow and logic out how you should be learning Aikido from Christopher Hein’s approach to the martial art. Aikido is not about fighting, but about… Continue reading How does Aikido work?