TenShin Aikido – Ukenagaeshi / Suriage Hand deflections – FREE online class

Tenshin aikido ukenagaeshi / suriage hand deflections free online class. In this video Lenny Sly sensei show you how you can use two hand deflection with only using one arm movement. This particular hand deflection is good to use for setting up an iriminage. We hope you enjoy this one! God Bless
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  1. Wisdom will get you further then anything else be intelligent always be one step ahead of everybody and 90 percent of the time you will be able to avoid conflict when its time for conflict yeah speed and technique are very very important but all is predicated on your wisdom on when and how to use it.

  2. Milos stojznovic: I never said he wasn't good, that's why im asking his opinion becuase I see he has experience but I do know he also says sparring isn't needed! The only dought I have about not having sparring is how else can you improve your mental reflexes to improve your responces? That why I ask

  3. Well thanks for your input but isn't aikido based on using the attackers move or weight against them? Hence waite till they attack you? You respond to them…….that's reaction……not having plan

  4. Excellent demonstration Sensei. I’m very new to your channel and I am very impressed by it’s practicality. You have a beautiful way of teaching and I would love to take a class or two Sensei. Where exactly are you located? Please let me know Sensei.

  5. Mr. Lenny sly, i've been thinking ALOT about timing and resistance in aikido! I watch your video's and listen carefully to what you have to say and I do agree BUT, I do believe that in one of steven seagals seminar training he held in the 90's accually "San Jose" he specifically stated " when an opponent attacks you, you HAVE TO already be thinking ( your mine), if you MATCH thier timing you CAN even during resisting utilize ANY aikido technique"…….aikido WOULD QORK! NOW…….if YOUR timing is off and you DON'T match thier timing, YES that aikido tech WON'T work or be as effective…….beeeeeeccccuase not matching thier timing gives them the advantage in utilizing what they do……..do es that makes sence? Do you agree with that, if not…..please tell me why, with your experience you've spoken about before, I'd like to hear what you have to say! I do in fact like the arts like karate becuase you have more options, you can use kicks as well…….IF you know how to kick right! It's more options buuut if you match the timing aikido teaches you……you don't need the kicking arts………yes? Or no? Your input please

  6. Sensei Sly,

    I'm awaiting Your videos. Now it seems that there is very long gab between lectures/videos. I hope everything is ok out there? Everything is quite difficult nowdays, I know. I hope You will post something just for Us to know that You are still there. Your work is important!

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