The Problem with Aikido

I visited an Aikido dojo in 2017 where I learned about the problem with training Aikido. After learning more about the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, I started to consider that the biggest problem with Aikido may actually be related to the curriculum.  In this video, I share my experience visiting an Aikido dojo and share my thoughts about Aikido.

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  1. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; don't make generalized evaluations/judgements made on your li
    muted experiences.Clearly this guy is not an expert (he admits this) and needs more exposure and needs to experience real effective Aikido in any fighting situation.

  2. It's useless until you spar or fight someone who uses the teachings of Aikido correctly
    It may not be glamorous but it gets the job done using simple body resistance strategies and techniques !!!!!

  3. I would not want to use my Aikido in an Octagon against a trained fighter, but I am pretty sure most people, whatever art they train, aren't ready for that. Aikido techniques do "work", and if you put them on fast and hard, they can be brutal. We don't train that way, because as you correctly noted, we aren't douches.

  4. I have been practicing taiji chuan for a long time but I did not meet a true master until few years back and I had to travel to another country to attend his seminar. I knew that taiji is a full contact martial art but this aspect of the art was only a theory for me until I took a glimpse of that in that seminar. Believe me, you can start learning a martial art with any qualified trainer but if you want to make a real progress at some point you need to find a master. I still practice taiji for my health cause it is part of me after all this time, but I am also kind of sad that I was not able to practice it under the guidance of a master.

  5. From my understanding it was Koichi Tohei who introduce real "Ki" into aikido from his yoga practices. This guy was real, he had the it factor. He later went on and founded his own brand aikido call the Ki society. This is the guy who put real "Ki" into Aikido not so much "O" sensei. The rest of the aikido instructors never had it, he had to teach the other instructors this "Ki".

  6. I'm not practicing any kind of martial arts yet, but Aikido seems very attractive to me because of the spiritual aspect. You mentioned that it seems to you as if the aiki is not or not enough tought… As I'm not doing Aikido yet, I can only guess that it is probably the same as it is with the most professions: You study the basic techniques and basic knowledge. But applying and combining these things like habits can't be tought. It has to grow and needs to be discovered by yourself. It's like spirituality. Knowing everything about spirituality doesn't mean to understand it, to be enlightened or being able to apply it.

  7. Why does it nor work ? The awnser is very simple. Because guys like you look for a training in martial arts to make them physically strong, good looking with the ultimate goal of boosting their ego so that they can feel confident and boast in front of other people.

    When guys like you realize that you didn't get what they want throughout their years of training, they get annoyed and start blaiming the martial art itself like here. Why do they not get any result? Because they train in surface like i described above, so they miss all the point no matter which martial arts they choose.if you wanna look like black panther or something, i suggest you just do everything for the show : learn stunts, do a bit of physical training, acrobatics etc…

    Usually people like you will go towards what they see as efficiant in surface. That would be sports such as boxing, mma, grapling etc… And they will usually do a lot of push ups, cardio etc… Each training done over a sugar rush, red bull or something… They will become physically strong for a few years, then get tyred and fell pain in the body. Bad joints, tyred, anxiety etc…

    All that because you have been watching to many movies. You thought that Aikido would bring you the dopamine boost that you get from watching action movies or video games, but when you realized it didn't give you what you want you get pissed off.

  8. Aikido is like training the movement to kick a ball, without a ball and question if you're good at playing soccer. It is the same problem with most traditional martial arts.

  9. Really enjoyed the video. My experience with aikido is that it works really well with choreographed demonstrations where your opponents attack one at a time and are not resisting. Great for martial arts demonstrations and movies. Unfortunately this would lead to being maimed, crippled, or killed when facing a real attacker (self defense situation). Why bother with a MARTIAL art that is useless for practical self defense? Aikido is performance art not a martial art.

  10. There is a lot of bad aikido out there , watered down pussy aikido. Tenshin Aikido , Steven Seagal Aikido was hard and brutal , more direct , more real . I never met an Aikido sensei who did Aikido in that way !!! Never in my life , only the watered down one ! That is why Aikido needs to change and adapt to modern times , but still remain Aikido or it will dissapear like many other traditional styles

  11. So Im not expert but why not chime in?
    I think it's probably true that aikido in it's pure form is not a very effective martial art compared with just about any other. The concept of being able to stop an attacker without doing them any real harm is certainly laudable but usually not realistic.
    The complex series of movements we see in the demonstrations are telling, typically when sparing the one playing the role of attacker will initially begin the attack, coming at, swinging on, the defender. After this initial attack is blocked, the attacker simply stands there and allows the defender to employ the series of moves leading to the takedown. Each part of these moves is dependent on the prior, if the attacker employs even a moderate level of resistance the entire series is shut down,

    There are those as mentioned practitioners of aikido that seem to be able to defend themselves, they make the art look at least somewhat effective. They seem to take certain principles from aikido, but overall the way they practice it is highly modified from by the book aikido.

  12. My dad kicked my ass many times with Aikido. And I came to learn from him that even he can get his ass kicked by someone else who does aikido or BJJ or whichever. He said if you want to be effective in a fight? Mix it up. Apply the appropriate techniques from aikido or other arts to the appropriate situations. Dealing with a bigger opponent? Aikido won't work, so switch up to something that allows you to be quicker. Dealing with a drunk? Aikido could work with keeping injuries to you and him to a minimum. Need to keep your opponent guessing? Mix techniques from BJJ and wing Chun together… What I am trying to say is, learn from other arts and create a mix of skills to keep the guy guessing and can help accomodate you to the right response for any situation. Don't just stay with aikido or just with krav maga just because you heard from someone else that it's good. By learning other arts and being open to this concept, you allow yourself to not be one dimensional when it comes to martial arts. You're reminded that a bigger fish is out there and in order to deal with bigger fish, you need a tackle box of appropriate baits and hooks for the appropriate manner… And not just go fishing with a single small hook, cause if you go with only one hook, you'll have a hard time fishing the bigger fish. Follow what I mean metaphorically?

  13. Daito Ryu was a form of Jiu Jitsu used by Samurai in war. If a Samurai was caught unarmed, they had to seize and break wrists, elbows, shoulders etc, and throw people on their heads or face down, rather than face up as occurs in sport. Daito Ryu can be used by smaller people if joint attacks are set up by proper footwork and Atemi, which are powerful vital point strikes that can distract or even stop an opponent. Ueshiba had that skill set of course, but evolved his art to enhance people's mental and physical health more so than their combat skills. Even though Segal's movie Aikido was used for sensational effect, if you watch his stepping and joint manipulations, they were short and tight. A smaller person could therefore use many of those techniques with similar effect. Segal's art was more reflective of Ueshiba's early Aikido, which was rooted in the Daito Ryu.

  14. Yo…. I spoken to the gentleman that made those videos to where he was pressure pointing his aikido arts and couldn't understand why his aikido wasn't affected in real situations…so basically what I told him is that most people who are very effective and catch on quickly with aikido are people who have had a background in other fighting skills… if you come in already knowing some type of fighting or have a background and another martial art… you are much more effective in aikido…. but if you have no type of fight skills at all ….you will be ineffective in a real fight with aikido…. It's that simple… And I have noticed that if you go into another martial art after having trained in aikido… You will accept more quickly in the new art that you're learning and be more formidable and have an edge on the other students.. that is if you were good in the aikido that you learned prior.

  15. Like I said before about the martial arts Odyssey video series the guy that was doing that was proven to be a terrible fighter in every art he tried he just happened to blame aikido… To be successful successful with aikido it is better to have a background and some other martial art this way you catch on to the techniques quicker and understand how to use them effectively

  16. Suggested videos to have a better understanding of aikido…#1
    #2 Any and all videos by…DAN THE WOLFMAN…. And my all-time favorites…
    #3 THE ROGUE WARRIORS.. video series….. I got in touch with the guy that was doing…
    THE MARTIAL ARTS ODYSSEY video series…. and he actually got in touch with all of these people that I just mentioned in these video series and he learned a lot…. they really schooled him…. I advise you Prince to do the same… check out these videos series…. if you want to see some real effective aikido and have it clearly explained and give you a better understanding…. and yes there are two aikidos…. The light fluffy spiritual kind… to give respect to Old Sensei's non-violent and spiritual mindset…. and then there's the kind of aikido that is practiced after class amongst hardcore martial artist in most aikido dojo's… to where you just want to tear the other guys head off and kill somebody in the street fight if needed… All in the sake of true self defense.

  17. There is no such thing as the BEST art. It depends on who has it. It's like saying, that if you have a gun you can 100% shoot the bullseye. No… If , for example, kung fu is the best, i am sure there are no other arts today except for kung fu. If the art of Royce Gracie is the best art, he should have stayed undefeated forever. Hope you get what I mean, that no Art is the Best art. I am not saying I am a very good aikidoist, but I have defended myself well a few times in actual fights with either against 1,2 or 3 attackers and I have witnesses to prove it. In the end, it is just his opinion. I LOVE AIKIDO

  18. hi Prince great video about aikido , i just want say aikido is very long to learn , i think o sensei aikido and aikido we can see today are very different ,
    actually people who study aikido want a traditionnal practice , to be honest people who look after something effective turn to muay thai or boxing, bjj.
    steven seagal aikido works because it's more oriented aikijutsu , i would notice that steven seagal aikido not use strenght , sometimes what you see is not what you feel .
    i respect all aikido practice but seagal practice is really nice , i visit some of his dojo in california it was really different than traditionnal aikido class ,
    randori is with full speed and not simulate kick or punch .
    his students had karate experience to study kick and punch before aikido .
    for me every martial arts are interesting ..
    as i heard aikido roots are coming from chinese "Chin na"
    chinese martial arts are really interesting its the source of martial arts
    have a nice day Prince 🙂

  19. Aikido is an interesting art to watch , but totally worthless in a street fight. It's so effective, UFC is training everyone in AIkido. An interesting pre-arranged dance , but a wrestler, Boxer, Grappler, BJJ, Krav Maga. Will knock the dog pias out a pure Aikidoisst.

  20. Your approach is dead wrong. The problem are people like you, who don't understand that Aikido takes a long time to master. Have you heard of Shodokan Aikido? Have you heard of Daito-ryu? I have applied Aikido efficiently in real life situations with great results. There isn't a single martial art in the world that is effective by itself. I believe that all arts have attributes and weaknesses that require trouble shooting. At the end of the day it is really up to each individual's experience. I am 5' 5" and I have used Aikido on the street.

  21. I have been learning a little bit of aikido recently and in my very first class realized that it is a very interesting mix of tai chi qin na and jujitsu. The Chinese influence was immediately apparent. After the instructor was done with the class I to talk with him and he asked me what other arts I had studied. He then asked me to show him my qin na. In China many martial arts are based upon the elements and animals. You can tell what martial arts are based upon stone and metal versus which ones are water or air-based. No I’m not talking about the last Airbender though if you watch the show you will see very distinct styles of martial arts which That dang cartoon is based off of. Washio, Thai Chi, and qin na, just to name a few are very water and air-based. They are fluid directive martial arts designs to flow around an opponent use that opponents energy to defeat them. In Japan they use lines and angles and circles to describe the same exact motions. Look up a qin na video and compare to aikido.

  22. The most important and funniest part that he repeats few times, "I know 2 things about Aikido….. I am not an expert in Aikido…." Yes, among million things of Aikido, he knows 2 and he starts to make up a 10 mins youtube video about it. It is almost like a primary school student made a video commenting relativity of Albert Einstein. If one knows very little or nothing about an art or a knowledge, instead of commenting on it, he or she should first start to learn it. That is how I teach my 8 years old daughter.

  23. True: kyu students of aikido practice very little to no application techniques; True: many schools frown on more aggressive attacks and grabs and because you need to maintian a relaxed stance an opposition to the technique (that is what you are going to receive from an attacker), many times it seems choreographed. What the student needs to understand is that aikido relies a lot on something that is very evident to many sportsment today, but was not so obvious 70 years ago, which is that repetition crates muscle memory and then certain movements become automatic. So that's what you do: repeat, repeat, correct, repeat with correction, repeat, and again and again. Until not only it is automatic, but it is accurate. This is not a secret. It is just a lot of work, for a very long time, to cover all the techniques (which aren't that many mind you). If you do that, I can tell you I've seen great practitioners with wow skills, who are not into the secret, but just really dominate the techniques. The biggest weakness form me is not practicing attacks and so not really understanding the attack, unless you tryout other martial arts (which most advanced aikidoans do, sooner or later)

  24. Tai Chi actually holds some of the techniques of Aiki. And All of the Okinawan and Japanese martial arts borrowed/stole techniques from the Chinese. And the Japanese are very selfish about teaching their arts to foreigners, or anyone, for that matter.

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