They Say I'm Wrong About Aikido: US Army Colonel, USMC, Navy QRF

Conversations about Aikido can be frustrating. Here’s one that completely changed my mind about its purpose and origin.

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  1. We are all students of life! Aikido is the foundation of lots of techniques, that are used in many modern art forms. They are the experts in joint manipulation, locks and throws. It's very useful in real life, to have opinions apart from striking.

  2. Mad respect for this guy, but aikido, if just one tool in the tool box, is one hell of a long training regiment to perfect a single tool.

  3. Wally j was amazing. Always like to hear people talk about him.
    It's a shame small circle has just about disappeared.
    Every art has a use It's your job to explore it. It's not the arts problem you can't do it. It yours for not learning it properly

  4. No decently competent martial artist is going to kick your ass by leading with handing you an arm, that fist is going to come at lightening speed faster than you can react…. like Tyson says, everyone has an opinion until they get punched in the mouth.

  5. If you use it in sparring you get to where you can do a lot of arts,the reason I can use my danzan ryu is from sparring,and my background in full contact,and mma ,ive used traditional karate in telling fights,but that's cause I've been in real fights,

  6. I’ve seen this big kick recently how aikido is useless. I’ve been confused. I don’t know aikido. Never trained in it but I have trained a bit with multiple combative and martial arts styles. As a cop I’ve been using wrist locks and arm bars for years to help subdue suspects. It always works when I do the technique properly. That seems to me to be what aikido is. So why wouldn’t it work? Now if the martial artists is no good for real that’s his fault not the arts.

  7. This always baffles me, why people don’t see the elements of traditional styles that can be effective in a street situation. MMA has shown us if it’s a one on one challenge type match we all know the styles that are most effective but most street violence isn’t like that. It’s complicated and messy. If some guy gets in your face, pushes or grabs you why would you ever doubt that someone who has drilled wrist locks and throws from these very positions (thousands of times no less) can’t deal with you as they please.

  8. Suggestion:
    Do a video on Kajukenbo.

    Success in scraps:

    Seems that the successful individual in a scrap
    ( fight) tends to have a better plan A than the other guy. While its good to have a plan B and pisdibly a plan C, having a plan A that is strong 💪 and smart to the point that you wouldn't ever need tour plan B will yield more success in a fight.

    If your plan A is to observe the aggression and threat of an individual building ( clinched fist, furlowed…umn umn meant furrowed brow.. Tight lips.. Tense neck..tense body posture)..& tour plan A is to observe and flee ( create distance quickly)
    ..then if this works for you 8 out of 10 times then your plan A is strong 💪 and smart. This plan works for everyone involved because no one gets into a fight to get hurt. However if the 2/ 10 times gets you stuck in a fight where you could not flee for some reason ( the person grabbed you or was faster than you and caught up with you).. You will have to have a plan B that allows you to be strong 💪 and smart.
    You'll need to develop a reliable skill set: 1) gross motor movement/ skills 2) refine motor skills/ techniques

    Gross motor skills are more boxing, wrestling, kick boxing

    Refined motor skills are Akidio, jiu jitsu ( Japanese especially), jiu jitsu ( Brazilian), Kung Fu ( Wing Chun especially), FMA (Philipino/ Filipino).

    More important than an art is your confidence in knowing yourself….knowing your body. Your ability of self awareness.. do you know your body well..if you trip over a rock do you know your ability to recover. If someone swings or kicks or both at you do you know your ability to dodge and duck and squat and roll and stand and do this kind of movements over and over if necessary.

    Focus on mastering knowing your body and your ability to maneuver.
    Think obstacle course. Think fire 🔥🔥🔥.. Stop.. Drop.. Roll.. Think ohhh shit…duck and cover….

    A great art to learn a lot of this is found in Wing Chun. Even the gross motor skills can be learned in this art if the students are sparring with some decent level of intensity and they are focus on street fight or just street shit in general. You can also develop your gross motor movements by tge before mentioned.. Working on your maneuvering before you learn an art.

  9. Good video.👍I'm not enforcing or condemning Aikido since I'm not knowable in that art. I'm a Ju-Jitsu practitioner and instructor. But I have seen Aikido and I've seen Aikido. In this day and age Aikido varies from dojo to dojo as much as Karate. Some Aikido is…not so useful, to be kind. Some Aikido is more realistic and forceful with hard strikes incorporated. Like any martial art, take what works for you and discard the rest.

  10. If you assume that everyone who isn't carrying a sword is carrying a knife, and that everyone who is alone has friends around the corner, Aikido makes a whole lot more sense. If you don't assume that, and you play on the streets, sooner or later you are going to get knifed or curb-stomped. Souce: I forgot, and got knifed.

  11. Listen, I’ve studied karate-Do, Aikido, Iaido, wrestling, Boxing, some Wing Chun, and Kubudo. It’s just what these Gentleman stated, blending, I’m also a retired Marine, so I had the honor to train with some Great Instructors🤜🏽

  12. Akido vs a trained striker 🤔hmmm…… I have my doubts about akidos effectiveness against the various mma styles or even in a street fight against a trained fighter 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. I dont wanna hear Aikido being useful from ppl who typically are not in hand to hand combat scenarios. Stop the lies go to any fuckin boxing, mma, or kickboxing gym and full on spar and tell me if Aikido ever works out for you.

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