This Aikido Sensei Will Fight in MMA (again)

This Aikido sensei decided to fight in MMA for the second time. Here’s a recap of what happened during his first fight and why and when the next fight will be.

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00:00 Why this Aikido sensei decided to fight in MMA
01:10 The first fight
02:27 Why the second fight did not happen immediately
03:46 Making a comeback
04:29 An invitation for another fight this year

Welcome to the Martial Arts Journey YouTube channel!

My name is Rokas. I’m a Lithuanian guy who trained Aikido for 14 years, 7 of them running a professional Aikido Dojo until eventually I realized that Aikido does not live up to what it promises.

Lead by this realization I decided to make a daring step to close my Aikido Dojo and move to Portland, Oregon for six months to start training MMA at the famous Straight Blast Gym Headquarters under head coach Matt Thornton.

After six months intensive training I had my first amateur MMA fight after which I moved back to Lithuania. During all of this time I am documenting my experience through my YouTube channel called “Martial Arts Journey”.

Now I am slowly setting up plans to continue training MMA under quality guidance and getting ready for my next MMA fight as I further document and share my journey and discoveries.

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  1. I’m glad you found your love again. If you ever find yourself coming to Cleveland, the guys at my gym would love to meet you and see your Aikido skills. You’re attitude about the arts is inspiring to all. Legit. Oss!!

  2. What weightclass are you fighting in? I am not attending the 16th but i am registered to fight the 23rd. Will you continue to take amateurfights here in Sweden? My trainingpartner really wanted to beat up Jesse Enkamp when he saw that he is fighting the 23rd but doesnt have time to cut weight.

  3. You can always do Amateur, but the most important thing is to speak positive to yourself about yourself and have heart in a fight, determine to reply anything your opponent has

  4. I knew you were scared. But aren't we all? Isn't it just our attachment to ego, identity, status, and reputation that stop us from exploring who we really are and can be?

    Really happy for you doing another match. Shows you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, and I appreciate your transparency with your online audience.

    cough Unlike DK Yoo cough

    Win or lose, the experience opens your mind up to a greater abyss or depth.

    The kiddie pool is great for our confidence and practice, but letting it define us is a… limit.

    Karate, kung fu, taekwondo, whatever, you name it.

    Form over function is fine. But we pass the message down through cultures and generations and forget what the purpose is.

    Someone and some people made this to win.

    They invested their limited life on this earth and universe to earn a technology that our primate brains are capable of… And it was passed on.

    Martial arts can become a dance. A kata. A theory.

    But it was made to win.

    … I'm a pathetic loser with nothing left… But I'm happy that I can see you progress in the ways that I can't.

    To your success, happiness, and health. Win or lose.

  5. I think overtraining beyond your physical limits is also good learning. You learn about your physical limits, how to train just the right amount, as in not to go over. And that is one powerful lesson, as it enables your to more efficiently plan your training 🙂

  6. I will Fight Again ! (insert singer : song inspired by I will love again from Lara Fabian). PS: your journey is similar to mine, keep up the content, remember the wisdom '' you wanna go fast or far''

  7. Good luck man! I'm rooting for you. Please put a video of the fight up! I'd love to see it. We believe in you and this time you're going to annihilate your opponent! You got this, bro!

  8. Good luck! I did my first amateur MMA fight at 32. I lost but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything other than time with my kids.

    Overtraining is a serious issue. I think most serious athletes have been there.

    Rest is important.

    My own skill learning theory is that short, focused practices followed by a break work better than extended sessions.

  9. roka i have a question for you. can aikido work against resisting opponent? or is it possible to modify it for mma?. i think this aikido moves can work with a punch in mma. a punch to face + an quickly kote gaeshi,final. or punch + clinch + kote gaeshi, final. What do you think is it possible?

  10. You have the period when you try to prove yourself your being brave and strong. I have no right to say you go the wrong way, i can't judge you of course. Do what you want to do.
    I just want to ask you, because it's interesting for me. Maybe i see myself in your role.
    So, how do you think, what you will do after achieving all your goals and proof your skills?
    I also ask because some time ago you felt frustrated while your training process.
    Your follower, with best wishes.

  11. Im not a fghter so i dont have your knowledge and your skills.. I dont know if aikido is a lose to your life, but i think aikido prepared you and made you a great balanced person

  12. With its fluid, sweet and full of realism movements it will certainly make the whole world of MMA tremble with fear. Even Adensaya, Chimaev and Kabib will pee in their pants at the thought of facing him …

  13. Quitting martial arts for a while really is a good way to reflect and discover what you loved about it and what you didn't love about it, so if you ever decide to come back you know exactly what worked and what didn't work the first time. Sometimes breaks are good.

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