Top 3 Aikido Locks

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  1. Right, so nobody with a brain is going to let you land that first technique.

    Same for the second technique.

    And wow, the third as well.

    AND you had the GALL to compare yourself to David Blaine. If Blaine was full of shit, I wouldn't nit pick that but….. ya train shit grappling and ya teach shit grappling.

    Aikido doesn't work in a modern day fight or altercation.

    Edit: And, none of those altercations you mentioned were real

  2. -so put them in pain before they touch you……seems illegal.
    -you must be incredibly strong because I’ve wrestled with maninmals who needed their whole upper body to do wrists locks and the ground or whole body to do arm bars…you know to prevent the victim from simply turning their thumb down.
    If you are being honest, then I’m sorry that you believe that these techniques are sound.
    If you are being dishonest, then it’s shameful.

    I look forward to this comment being removed.

  3. you are the best show everybody them big old hands and explain that is why you love a joint lock..many people dont realize a martial art and the practioner are like a foot and a shoe, both can't be the best quality and the invisible thing called fit can be bad. I am built for grappling way more than striking, short limbs thick and strong, not a lot of blinding hand speed, big strong hands…no matter how much I train for the striking the tall lean thin fast person is the build for striking. That big wide open basket ball court is that long lean strong striker guys home, his game..I would be insane to fight there, he trained there and he will dance around and chew me to bits…so this guy is selling moonshine in my county and needs a little beating to adjust. I watched him cross his kingdom the wide open parking lot to get closer to my home. closer closer then he steps in the wheel chair stall to piss, I aint whining because my home is bathroom stall, wham that striker is in a my fight in my home surprised, I grab his hand and have it behind his back.and shove him in right into that I got him, he is face down on a toilet with me sitting on him.I dont want to make him I want to control his pain level and control his mind..then the psychological adjustment,,I am happy giggling that I got the guy, like a kid at Christmas. It is important that I build so much fear into him, he will always react, to me not act.I am not looking for a martial art that kills and wounds people fast..i am looking for a psychological art. Aikido is the best one I know of that joint lock that leaves little evidence, and allows precise control of pain.

  4. Just teach the moves ,u always got to go on how you beat someone up in club , and then when you do teach ,you do it so fast that no really see how u do it because u want to show off
    im going to unsubscribe , be a good guy not a dipshit bro

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