TWD S6E4 – Morgan practices Aikido with Eastman

The Walking Dead – Season 6, Episode 4 (“Here’s Not Here”)
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  1. at the end of the day people are all that matter. were built for each other. and at the end of all things, the only goal worth pursuing is that there are enough people left to hold a conversation.

  2. By far one of my favorite episodes. So refreshing and meaningful. It really sucks how all this was ruined by later seasons turning Morgan back into a psycho and the cringeworthy and poor delivery of the same message in season 8 (My mercy prevails over my wrath)

  3. I think Morgan’s point is that in his view the Wolf changed because he didn’t kill Denise therefore Denise saved Carl’s life.

    If the Wolf had not change he would kill Denise right away in order to save his own life and consequently Carl would probably have died.

    I think what Morgan wants to tell us or to tell Rick is that if we do the right thing make the right choice in that case not killing good things can come out of it in that case there’s still a life that can save another.

    Killing the Wolf would be wrong not only because it goes against Morgan’s view of life (all life is precious) it shows us that no matter how evil someone can be that person can still change be useful and save someone’s life.

    Morgan tells Rick not to kill that man they don’t know who he was because that man could possibly be their luck by saving their lives (and/or their loved ones lives) in a moment of need in a moment they’re in trouble.

    If he’s alive then he’s able to save other lives too.

  4. This episode inspired me to learn Aikidio. I even found my stick by happenstance, like i was meant to find it. I even bought The Art Of Peace and gave it to my gal pal, who is also a martial artist in her own right.

    I just had to pass the knowledge down, as to quote Morgan:

    "Everthing gets a return".

  5. “Akido means not to kill”
    You know I think that if the world had more people like Eastman in it, the world wouldn’t have gone to ruin. 😕

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