Ultimate softness! Amazing Aikido – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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DVD Volume 1

DVD Volume 2

Amazing Aikido 01

Amazing Aikido 02


Special techniques close combat

Best of Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido

Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido freestyle02

Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido freestyle03

Best of Aikido

Beautiful Aikido world

Special techniques

Aikido Dynamic Throwing to each other

Aikido self-defense techniques

Sutemi Waza(sacrifice techniques)

Dynamic and elegant martial arts ‐ Aikido

About Shirakawa Ryuji sensei

01 https://youtu.be/D9KJKEYE6IA
02 https://youtu.be/UxtHiHvTCBw
03 https://youtu.be/6YuN5dQZKWw
04 https://youtu.be/4hTe-lDWiGs


Brilliant Aikido

Dynamic aikido
01 https://youtu.be/HB5Ws1SRp3o
02 https://youtu.be/DBuYO5PmMWE
03 https://youtu.be/stgfiVc5YUE

Dynamic aikido Jiyu waza
01 https://youtu.be/COYlc6YgHjw
02 https://youtu.be/rbri65p6hWs
03 https://youtu.be/myQ14ibpC-g

Jiyu waza 1

Jiyu waza 2

Shirakawa Ryuji Shihan – aikikai 6th dan, Aikido Techniques

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・Aikido is beautiful

・Supple Aikido move freely

・Aikido is beautiful and dynamic

・ Aikido – Soft and dynamic body control

・Aikido Highlights

・Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu



  1. Saw some comments about only working if compliant. Certainly in practice one must usually be compliant in order to avoid injury.
    In protective details work in Nicaragua I found many aikido techniques quite useful. And as a deputy sheriff I never punched, chopped , or kicked any of the many violent miscreants but used Jujitsu and aikido techniques (pain compliance) to subdue them all. They were very non-compliant.
    I would NEVER want to be in a situation where I was attacking this Sensei ! Oy!
    Doesn't work?

  2. 派手に投げるような演武よりも、こっちのほうがわかりやすくて好きです。おそらくはDVDのほうで詳しい解説がなされているのだと思いますが、運足のポイントや、引き手の力を入れる方向なども動画で示してくれると論理的な解説になるのではないかと思います。

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