Unbelievable REAL AIKIDO MASTER !🥋🇷🇸

12th international Real Aikido Seminar
İgor Petrovic (6.DAN black belt)

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  1. People hates aikido. Why? Bcuz they think it's not applicable in real life situations. Welp, lemme tell you. Aikido is very dangerous. Let's just say that there's no one would give their arms in fighting but trust me, when the aikido practitioners got your fingers? Then say your prayers that the person has a mercy on you. Although Bjj is a wholesome but the thing is, its just a one on one fight. You can't actually do two technique at the same time in the group. Whilst, aikido has what it takes to protect you. Those people who hates aikido doesn't have a respect. And lastly, I would rather choose muay thai or kyokusen karate than stupid tae kwondo.

  2. I use aikido in jiu jitsu fight……and guess what …he submitted.I prefer to use aikido on the ground because he cannot run, he cannot pull his arm when Idominate the position its mean I am over him.Actually the mechanic of Aikido mostly focus on the wrist and arm. What if Capoera opponent where he attact you with his feet most of the time…what gonna happen to Aikido?

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