What Does Aikido Mean

I’ve been doing Aikido for over 29 years and teaching for 19 years, and I constantly ask myself, “what does aikido mean?” Always trying to figure out how to improve my understanding of it as well as my techniques.

In 1991 I traveled to Japan to study Aikido and deep my understanding of what it means as well as the techniques. In this episode, I talk about some of the factors that influenced the meaning of Aikido, and also how I’ve developed my own meaning of the word over time.

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  1. I love this. Many people think martial arts is how effective it is to kill or harm when in actuality they all have peaceful meanings. Judo is way or path of gentleness, and aikido like you said. And like you said its the way of or path of means that it is a lifestlye. Modern and western martial arts are made for competition and spectecle rather than a lifestlye of values to live by. If you take an american judo class they teach you how to fight which is good but its not the full experience which is to live peacefully and be gentle yet firm. Its more than techniques but how to get through life.

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