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Aikido is generally encompassed as a defensive martial art. So it is not intended to work as an aggressive application of these martial techniques. It’s supposed to be applied when somebody is expressing aggressive movement towards you. A lot of the times in training this kind of has an aspect of roll playing and you are going along with the movements of your partner. In that sense it can be just a very good way to work out. It’s excellent movement. There is a lot of fun involved. In my opinion it is a very aesthetically beautiful art. The movement is flowing and it’s generally a very fun and pretty thing to be involved with. That is not to say, however, that Aikido is not to be considered a martial art. Aikido has roots that comes from a very aggressive standpoint and that is an excellent way to approach your Aikido with your training if that is what you are looking for. Aikido does not have to be applied strongly. It can be practiced in a very relaxed pace if that is what you like. If you would like it to be more of a martial art an actual aggressive application you can certainly find that within Aikido. Aikido has a wonderful way of becoming whatever it is that you need it to become. If you just need some way to be physical want to learn some new type of physical movement Aikido can be perfect for that. If you want to learn self defense and you are genuinely interested in learning a martial technique that is capable of keeping someone at bay or resolving conflict, Aikido can certainly do that for you as well. Whatever it is you are looking for in Aikido be it physical activity movement looking for a spiritual way or active applicable martial technique; Aikido can have all of those things.



  1. " The soft overcomes the hard" The Way of Ai Ki can be as soft or as hard one wishes to experience it. In this sense Aiki is applied to all the judo/jujitsu /karate etc martial arts.

  2. Aikido: art of controlling body . it was used to control opponent when samurai can't draw their sword.

    Laido: art of drawing sword. Sumarai use it to begins cutting from drawing position.

    Kenjutsu: art of the sword. Sumarai use to fight with sword.

  3. I am so glad to find this series. My sensei trained with Yamada sensei at the NY Aikikai for around 40 years before moving to FL, where I met and trained with him for over a decade. Sido died about seven years ago and I miss him greatly. I used what he taught me many times in my job to protect myself and others. It is good to see Aikido movements based on Yamada's Aikido again.

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