What Is Steven Seagal's Tenshin Aikido and Why Is It So Effective? / Seagal's Impact on Aikido

What is Steven Seagal’s Tenshin Aikdo? Why is it so effective compared to other styles of Aikido?
In this video, Remy, a Dan Black Belt in Aikido and I discuss this topic along why Aikido is so criticized in the world of martial arts and also what separates Aikido from other martial arts.

01:02 – Steven Seagal’s impact on Aikido
05:59 – What’s wrong with most Aikido schools?
09:07 – Steven Seagal’s Tenshin Aikido
12:08 – Remy’s dojo in Norway and style of Aikido
13:24 – Is Steven Seagal the Best Aikido practitioner in the world?
14:26 – What separates Aikido from a lot of other Martial Arts?

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  1. This is really great, man. Another great guest who's worth getting in touch with on this subject is Lenny Sly from the Rogue Warriors channel. That guy is massively knowledgeable about Tenshin Aikido and understands its technical applications inside and out. Honestly, he can go on for hours about it because he's worked so hard on perfecting and expanding the technique. His Tenshin Aikido came straight from one of Steven Seagal's top students, so he's directly connected to that lineage. I'm sure he'd be happy to talk about it with you.

  2. Great video.
    So many BJJ and Muay Thai nut-huggers and because of the UFC. Look at traditional standup arts like Jujitsu, especially what Wally Jay did. That's more applicable to real life than rolling in your back waiting to get your head kicked in or not knowing how to control a standing situation without striking. Real life isn't nearly a simple as in the cage.

  3. Akito is for defending against somebody who has a sword that's why you can grab the arm that's why you can do the things you do because a sword has follow-through you don't jab a sword when you swing at somebody it's not a kind of go for him and then jerk your sword back like I'm punching Aikido doesn't work in 2 days fighting people aren't running around trying to swing at each other with swords if they were Akito would be badass but people don't do that now

  4. I read a rumor (that may not be true) when Warren Beatty bought the rights to Dick Tracy in the late 80's, Steven Seagal was one of the actors rumored to play Dick Tracy (after playing no non-sense cop in Above the Law). I wonder a movie that is portrayed in the 1930's where a Detective doing joint locks and throws using a style invented in the mid 1930's (probably only exclusive to a small circle of people in Japan). He beat the crap out of William Forsythe (who played Flat Top in Dick Tracy) in Out for Juctice

  5. If you read O'sensei original students they wrote a lot about importance of atemi. For example Gozo Shioda wrote Aikido is 70% atemi. And he even mentions a story of Usheiba breaking hip bone of a challenger with a strike during a demonstration.

  6. Bein about 6-6 and 275, when I saw Steven Segaul, who is Tall Himself, I thouight HUH, here's a graplin martial Art, that looks like somthin I could do. My instructor was about 5-10 and about 175. I saw him and His staff at a Restaurant toss a bunch Big Guys out like it was nothin. This was the wrong resturant to Mess with. Everybody was trained is some kind of Martial Art.

  7. People criticize aikido alot by claiming that it is not effective, but in reality encountering an aikido practitioner who is big and strong I don't care how much boxing and mma you know, you will literally be F***

  8. I don’t think any Akido style could be considered good, but there are some styles that are less bad. But still not good, and obviously not optimal if you want to make your training time valuable.

  9. It's easy to criticize from behind the safety of a computer. Until you've engaged someone in combat, you have no place criticizing them. You have a problem with Steven Seagal, challenge him.

  10. It has come to the point that anything that doesn't look like MMA is deemed useless .. this is just the common narrative today no matter if people train themselves.. and that it perfect then the rest of us have the rest for ourselves.. so please don't promote it 😉 also it's really weird to me that people thinks fighting and a self defence situation is in any way simular

  11. Remy well said, to many people claiming they are teaching Tenshin Aikido. Making a statement that you are heavily influenced by Tenshin Aikido!. cultivating and making it your own, that great, that real. Keep it up stay safe.

  12. Thanks Remy for educating me on Aikijutsu Pre war and Tenshin Aikido. In close combat I wouldn't challenge the Master of Aikido Steven Seagal, no way I have too much respect for him now, loved this breakdown. Steven Seagal in my opinion is the GOAT of Aikido, Greatest of all time! 🐐 ☯️ Keep up the great work Viking Samurai.

  13. I didn't like Seagal's movies and found the action was too much bad guys throwing themselves at him. Then Seagal got fat and his movie got even worse. There was a cult following for his bad movies but man they are so bad >.<

  14. Mr .the man with the black beard and a white shirt my apologies to you I don't know your name.. anyway listen I want to share this with you I practice Aikido many years until one day I got into a fight and I realize Aikido is not fighting art if you don't mix other arts with aikido it will never work. You need to create your own Aikido style mix it up with other styles. That push the point Aikido it worthless…. You're fighting reaction it will be how you practice to fight… Prove yourself try to spar with a real karate or wind Chun or Thai boxing Akido practitioner will get destroyed

  15. People who complained about martial arts practice drills should complain about people doing target practice with guns and say that is useless and they need to have people shooting at them too during practice.

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