When My Aikido Failed me 😢

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  1. I miss my Aikido days, the days when I gained my Shodan.

    Someone did the hand lock of the video on me – I applied Sankyo and got out of it.

    I've been training BJJ for the last 3 years but still miss my Aikido days.

  2. As much as ive watche KHABIB choke out his opponent….he doesn't use one hand…he use two of his hands and with all the energy hi has in him…and he rear choke them along with there jaw.. twisting it in oder to hurt them just beyond blocking the pipe…
    Wish there was a video for that survival

  3. I'm a martial artist/scientist with 50 plus years experience. I've said this a thousand times. Art is as unimportant in a fight as caliber is in a shooting. The most important thing in a life and death situation is training intentions and mental state. If Andre the giant GOD rest his soul were struck in the eye with a 32acp or a 22lr he would be neutralized. If you do judo or Aikido for example what are your intentions in a bar fight with a drunken miscreant ? How did you prepare for this in training are you intending on knocking or choking him out ? Is he going to stab you when you grab him should you grab him ? How is he attacking you ? Whether I'm doing Tang soo do or Kempo SD an eye gouge and strike to the windpipe are the same. Aikido is USUALLY done by gentlemen or women who have NEVER been in a life threatening situation and don't train this way. As a child we laughed at the guys in dresses in Aikido. Masters Jeff B and J L Fain made me a believer in Aikido by summarily man handling me while I tried to figure out what TF was going on. They are special forces ex military officers who are killers. Their Aikido is GEARED towards SD not elegance beauty or niceties. I had the great fortune of training with a judo master that threw me and choked me UNCONSCIOUS in practice because I asked what would happen if I attacked you like this ? I know TKD men who do fantastic in a tournament but would be destroyed in REAL life. I know of TKD men like Masters Cain and the Kim brothers who are dangerous in REAL life fighting BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THEY WERE TRAINED. Aikido can be neutered or it can be devastating and beautiful. There's no better styles ONLY better men. Osu and respect. 🙏🏼🐅🐉

  4. if it blocks the air you may have much more time, people can hold breath for about minutes, so given the stress situation the oxygen will run out faster but sure to get much more than 10 seconds.
    The more concerning thing is to prevent the blocking of blood flow , which if it is blocked you only get 5 seconds most.
    This is because even though you do not breath your blood still got plenty oxygen to carry around into the brain. But what happens if the blood flow just stop going to the head? yeah you will pass out very quickly.
    By the way this was the worst technic for chocking, it does not really chock anything, more like just a hold by the neck at best. A proper chocking technic is when the elbow is aligned with the Adam's apple, that way the biceps and the fore arm will squeeze both sides of the neck which will block the blood flow. As result the person will pass out in seconds mostly around 5 seconds even less if it is well executed.
    And in this scenario you have passed the opportunity to get off of it. So yes, before anything you must prevent it to close in tight to make the chocking technic to look like the one showed in the video and only then the things showed on the video will work.
    So the attention here is to make sure that you break the chocking technic to something showed in the video. (yes that is an already broken technic and the video does not explain well about this situation and what really is at steak and what really you must be concerned about at first)

    So if a guy close in with a perfect chocking technic there is not much to do in 5 seconds. You are done for it!!!! So no matter what never let a arm close in tight around your neck, training reflexes and awareness to prevent a technic to be perfectly execute is a key to break down and away from any kind of technic. But not much people explain this as it should so that why i decided to step in here.

    if wanna show off some truths you better show everything from beginning to end, every bit is important to understand what we need to train for so to be more effective to defend ourselves.
    if someone that does not understand this see the video and someone else attack this one with a perfect gripe, those technique will not work, nothing will work unless you have some weapon to really hurt the aggressor and luckily it will release you. It all have to account the mind set of each individual too, not every one will stop just because got hurt. So depending on the scenario the only way to get out is to make the other one pass out first than you.

    So for reasons, always be aware. Maintain a strategic distance at all costs. Never give your back away. In case one closes in from behind be well trained to reach it so you guarantee it to break any type of hold of you specially around your neck weakest part. So reflexes training will help to react as fast as milliseconds to anything that pass by your neck. And you will be safer for sure, also to be able to gain time needed to continue to react and evolve setups for more techniques to get back to the aggressor.

    Know about body weaknesses. To cause pain and most importantly to know how to protect yourself. The best offense is a good defense.

  5. Some small issues with this, The left hand is not engaged, it should be attacking the vagal nerve cluster or compressing the artery, or even just locking the right arm in place. When locked an attacker will often step back and place the defender off balance or even off their feet. To me forcing a hole by slipping the defenders arm inside the loop of the right arm and following the hand through would give several opportunities to counter-attack.

  6. To me this is the best channel out there . The way the show move to move AND say the name of the move is awesome. Best instructors on YouTube! I just subscribed 👍 I’m 53 and thirst for this knowledge! Did I say they are the best ! I wish I could take classes

  7. The kind of choke hold your in was banned from the Police using it in the USA because the lower arm is across the
    trachea and can crush it and than your dead. Safer choke hold is you neck in the V of the upper and lower arm.

  8. Flexing your abs to connect the upper body to the lower body, and lats to keep the elbows down, so that the arms are connected to the torso then dropping your weight by stepping into into a shikko dachi or Jigo hontai to get your waist below theirs is important to this sequence.

  9. Really nice explanation 🙂
    If the attacker is positioned directly behind, it might be difficult to hit him with the elbow or fist. My way to create space in this situation is making my shoulders and back round and pushing my back against the attacker.

  10. What if someone surprised you with a Brazilian" Mata leão" (lion kill"")? I think people would like to understand how to get rid of that. Damn dangerous that move

  11. good principle there sensei took your chin in for protection where is your attackers body is that position drop Atemi waza into ribs knock stuffing out of him wind him smash a rib solar plexus on the street i would 😁 but that is good wrist techinque when fully applied sanko & yes sensei 2nd video you actually showed atemi waza ⛩☯ to allow your technique to be applied kuzushi atemi = techinque keep up your good work & go with the flow with aikido flow OSU thank you arigato

  12. Is Karate + Krav Maga + BJJ + Akido + Muay Thai a good combination

    Because i am already pretty familiar with karate and Muay Thai + know some throws and several Joint Locks and generally fight often both for fun and actual fights

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