Why Aikido doesn’t work

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  1. Kata build the body and the movements that allow us to seize opportunity. You cannot give impatient people the self defence bits because if they have not developed the body they will be unable to move with correct timing, distance and power.

  2. Spoken like a true believer with a gut full of Kool-Aid.

    Aikido is a cult, just like bujinkan, just like systema, just like J.K.D., just like wing chun.

    Aikido worked at one time, and that time was before Ueshiba got ahold of Daito-ryu and removed everything effective from Daito-ryu.

    There are no principles in aikido. There are ideas within the cult of aikido that aikidoka refer to as principles. For a principle to be valid it must succeed in chaos. aikido's "principles" don't, therefore aikido's principles are invalid.

    Aikido doesn't work because aikido isn't about fighting; it's about pretending to fight while feeling smug about existing on an imaginary, higher plane. It is a cult delusion, just like any other religion, except the disciples wear cool pants.

    Aikido will never work because aikidoka have no clue about the reality of real violence. Of course they believe that they do, but they don't. You can't learn to defend against a punch if you never encounter a real, honest to goodness, full speed punch; one that's capable of cuncussing you cold.

    Nothing thrown at an aikidoka is ever thrown at combat speed by someone who knows how to throw it. Not ever.

    Nothing thrown at an aikidoka is ever thrown by someone who is genuinely trying to knock the aikidoka on his bottom and/or out cold. Not ever.

  3. OMG! 2021 and people still asking that?! Simple answer. Aikido is a form of BUDO. Until people undestand the meaning of that japanese word they will keep pounding that same question. Aikido is a individual path. It will work or not depending on the purpouse it's trainning for.

  4. Akido is the only thing that can let you control an aggressor without a big drama, without 'taking it outside', without getting your clothes dirty, without having to inflict injury on the opponent and escalating the conflict.

  5. The thing I think what their trying to teach you is that in a real fight you use based on the aikido flow is in the real fight but not exactly what they teach you and what they want you to do is try to think * what would they do in this situation * and that’s how it goes that’s the flow the aikido is the martial arts name and then the flow is how well it goes and to be calm like you have to stay calm is also a way of how it can flow that’s why it’s that name so you know the flow like ya know bc in the demonstration you notice how it’s all calm and that how smoothly they do it it’s like that’s how they want you to fight just so focused so calm and they plan it so well their trying to teach you how to plan the situation based on what they do but if it’s not an exact situation that comes true on what they have demonstrated so far and that’s the flow of the martial arts and maybe the situation will be very rare to become real but their mainly trying to teach you to be calm and like I said how they do it in the demonstration is how they want you to do it but maybe not exact maybe the thinking of what to do is what they trying to teach you and maybe don’t do the exact thing what they do Inless the situation actually becomes real but just try and think what to do and then that’s how it works I think which if you just sit there and rely on it then maybe it doesn’t work but it’s the flow of the fight on what their trying to teach you just like try and think of your own ideas on how to deal with the fighting situation if it’s not in the akido flow and the hidden system what their trying to show you now I may be wrong but I think that’s what their trying to show you and teach you and just think about it, then use it so it flows better Unless you need to do a quick thinking but still make calm moves the minute you stop calmness thats when it gets difficult bc you may not be thinking straight if your not calm and not focussed bit like what I said before like it’s all unexpected to happen in some situations.

  6. Mmmm, because it was originally designed as a post-grad course for people who already had strong martial arts backgrounds, and that makes it harder for people with no other experience?

  7. The more 'combative' / fighting are like photography. Quick, efficient and provide a realistic representation of things after minimal training / practice.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Aikido is more like painting. It's a wonderful form of expression and you can create something recognisable, if not realistic.
    If you want 'realism' from painting then that's entirely possible, but it takes a long time and much practice.

    And there's nothing wrong with that either ✌️

  8. Aikido is a deliberately disarmed martial art, but it is still a martial art that teaches a lot, especially peace. However, if you want to rearm it, that is not a problem. The problem will be the lack of peace, then. 🙂

  9. Well unfortunately i can relate to this when i was went back to the club where i used to be train, the guys want a new kyu or black belt with no effort, and when it comes to do something about it, they make excuses like someone too strong, someone's height too big, wrists are too flexible, etc (Source: Based on my partners). And even if not for self defense but it helped me to improve my social skills alot, also im grateful to our master aswell (Who became my best friend 😀 )

  10. Aikido was the safest way to practice things which are not safe if done any other way. However in that practice, you learn joint manipulation, body mechanics and how to combine and redirect energy.

  11. Perfect explanation people assume it's not working as you can't use it in a fight while no martials moves can be ever used perfectly in a street fight you don't have the time to position yourself or the person trying to attack you. You make do with the situation and adopt your move to that moment. Aikido is one of the more affective tools to have then bbj in a street fight as you really don't want to be on the ground exposed when you can block and joint lock someone standing upright. And still protect yourself from their friends or onlookers who wanna jump in cause they can

  12. Thank you sensei I think I would have said it was a fighting form that is more useful as defensive initially. It's also a martial art that truly is a art and requires dedication to learn an even more skill to use correctly. Thank you for the video

  13. Aikido is actually very useful if trained properly. The real problem is that there is atrocious quality control in aikido. So unless you’re training in Japan with the true masters of aikido, you don’t really become very proficient in the art to be able to effectively use it for self-defense. If you look at guys like mori Shihan and joe thambu, you can instantly tell that these guys are very capable to defend themselves in a street fight against someone swinging punches at them. However, both Mori and Joe received their black belt dan from the founder of yoshinkan aikido, Gozo shioda. Yoshinkan aikido is the closest you’ll get nowadays to pure self defense aikido. I myself have trained in both yoshinkan aikido and other forms of aikido and only yoshinkan teaches you the true principles of aikido in its entirety. Yoshinkan also has a more technical approach to aikido whereas aikikai is more free flowing with less attention paid to the breakdown of each technique. Also, the book “total aikido” is a must read for people because you learn self defense applications as well as proper form for executing techniques that most aikido schools nowadays are missing completely.

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