Why Aikido Is Absolutely Useless

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  1. A martial art is only useless if you make it useless,Aikido l think is a beautiful martial art and l think we should stop criticizing and look at what make a martial art useless,maybe a martial art is useless if your not doing the technique right ,if that's it,then the person is the problem,Aikido is very difficult to learn and it takes time to learn and get good at to master,so maybe the problem is probably him.

  2. I always thought that the attack determinations the technique, you can't really have predetermined which techniques you're going to use in a street fight or otherwise. Aikido is blending with your attacker not "getting them into techniques".

  3. The first one or two of these videos, I watched wanting to pick them apart. Then I started to A) figure out the guy knew is stuff, B) respect his honesty and humility, and C) learn stuff again.

  4. Alot of aikido techniques are useless in a "street fight" because it is a pacifist marshal art
    Emphasis on "art" it can be used if people haven't seen it and it will make it a possibility for you to throw around untrained assailants with ease but against people who expect it you have to work around it because the marshal art was originally designed to be a exsersize not a combat form

  5. people should take bruce as a really example of that guy who has understood that the powerful technic is the simple one. learn martial art any type but make it easy after to use it in real moment.

  6. You are totally right. That cross arm throw is not bad in itself, maybe would work in some grappling competition, but as you say it won’t work in a self defense scenario, so you ain’t messing with that 👍😂

  7. used the 3rd technique jujugami, after a guy tried to grab both my wrists, broke his hold, but he was a lot bigger and fatter than me so couldn't get the proper grip, plus he went all loose and limp and sat down!

  8. Juji gami is my first choice when grabbed with two hands up high. A systema kind of levering one arm down and across below at the elbow from the inside and then under their other arm at the elbow with my other hand and straight into it, inescapable.

  9. The first one wouldn't that be used against a knife attack the second move instead of pushing the knee with your hand I'd use my foot on the inside of is leg

  10. That is what Bruce Lee whose focus are..He say, you are the arquitect at you own técnique martial art.
    "Find the road like the water; and dont mess whith the rock you got in from you go arround and wheat him like the water.."
    Sinceraly I will ronning back home..😂jjaa-jjaa, but that in honest word he expected to be down.

  11. it's just like an budo art jujitsu aiki jujitsu & aikido kung fu with your own training find those techniques that do work… & eliminate those that don't…. which means take them out…to be honest you don't want to be performing techniques that will be to hard on the street to perform keep it simple but affective do some damage at same time so you keep in techniques that will work on the street by training… & practicing

  12. Shihonage is a nightmare technique, in training I love it seems awesome you can get so much control of the other person and really amp up the pain if wanted, in sparring in other martial arts I'm scared to try it encase it goes wrong and I dislocate their arm or something nasty, on the 'street' I'd be way to scared to use it due to how exposed I would be if I got it wrong especially since I've never been able to train it in sparring so I would almost certainly screw it up live.

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