Why Your Aikido Will Fail on the Street -The Truth

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  1. Wow, this is some bullshit. Love to see this guy trying to palm someones chin in the octagon.
    "Everyone has a plan until they be punched in the face."

  2. These are free style Wing Chun techniques, very similar to the philosophy Bruce Lee was teaching. The stick in Aikido mirrors the Samurai sword. There were Samurai fighting styles where people did not defend. One or two blows ended the fight. Furthermore, the philosophy of Zen Buddhism revolves around simplicity. Perhaps Aikido practitioners forgot the roots of their martial art altogether.

  3. Only your first move is effective. The next two are not practical.
    In the 2nd, you cannot divert a punch like that in street fight. The punches will be unpredictable and crazy fast. Also that head grabbing technique borders on madness. Your opponent will never be that slow.

  4. KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid! There is no room for showboating during a fight on the street. Simple works- people lose their fine motor skills when they are stressed, so simple, direct techniques are by far the best option. WW2 British Commando's were trained intensively in Sykes-Fairburn unarmed combat skills- which made them extremely deadly in hand to hand fighting scenarios. S-F techniques were developed to deal with individuals proficient in martial arts. Sykes and Fairburn were two British Shanghai police officers during the 1930's. They developed their system to defeat martial arts techniques- it's mostly based around simple moves which are brutally effective. You can buy the S-F training manual to this very day, well worth studying! Keep it simple- very sound advice being offered in this video- as always! Top man.

  5. I mean, in a street fight, I feel like the third one is a bit overboard. I have no problems with someone attacking me getting hurt, but oof, that head turn made me wanna cringe.

    I'm glad that in my dojo we do the bullpit, and most of the blackbelts do keep things quite simple and effective for live situations.

  6. I know from my experience aikido is very effective in the street. I’ve floored two muggers that were much bigger than me and I Allso floored a boxer in a pub who was young and huge and all this in 11 lessons . There is no perfect art I’ve known of wing chun teachers get floored by average people with no fighting background . I knew a young lad that floored his judo teacher with ease in his first lesson . 🧐😽😁👮👮🏿‍♂️

  7. Keep it simple (stupid) [KISS-Principe] is also from the Unix Software Developers 🙂
    You're right to keep it simple when its a real fight on the Street.
    But to do so it's nessesary to learn first; a higher grade is needed i think.
    When i learned my master always say "learn to do it korrekt, the Speed comes with the time from alone"
    That means that the defending can be very variable when you know the right techniques
    Thank you for Your Lesson 🙂

  8. I totally agree, all martial art are based on self defense. We are not in the movie, we don't need fancy moves, just simple self defense and get the F from that danger situation, then call the police. Cheer.

  9. This guy clearly knows what he's talking about, since he's a boucer….however, I don't agree with the title of the video…..the "truth" is all martial arts can be helpful in a street fight, especially aikido

  10. Great video, and very true. Keep it simple and effective. I was taught 2, 3 or 4 techniques to an attacker and keep moving. Showing those doubtful people that Aikido can work as a self defence if used correctly and effectively. The same goes for many martial arts, the fancy stuff for the dojo, the basic simple effective stuff on the street.

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