Yubi-Waza Finger locks- The Aiki Dojo 2 Minute Technique – #aikido #aikidocenterla #fingerlocks

The Aiki Dojo 2 Minute Technique – Finger Locks

David Ito Sensei covers the basics of Yubi-waza (指技) or “finger locks” in Aikido. Finger locks are a small part of Aikido training and really more used as a transition to other techniques. Let us know if you want us to do a full length video on this or any topic.
Sometimes there’s no time to read a lengthy message or watch a long documentary. So we’ve created these quick and easy 2 minute techniques to help you improve your Aikido technique and knowledge. Keep an eye out for them every Wednesday. 


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  1. Thank you for the videos and the great work you all are doing in these trying times. I am looking forward to joining you guys — and the world Aikido, and martial arts in general! — after the pandemic is over.

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